Welcome to l’Univert de Terre !

The earth, a silent being of whom we are one of its living expressions, conceals the permanent values of what we lack the most: a right cadence, the flavor of cycles and patience, hope that is always renewed because the powers of life are endless. To change the depths of our consciousness, we will undoubtedly have to drop our arrogance and learn with feelings and gestures that connect us to what’s obvious. Regain the sense of the first beings for whom the creation and its creatures were sacred …
Pierre Rahbi, « la part du colibri », 2009

We are Elise and Cedric and we are Belgian and Swiss. Our dream of creating a place where diversity reigns and children can play in the trees, meadows and earth came true when we found our 18th century French farmhouse. We have renovated the house in a vintage style and we have restored the beautiful gardens. Join us in learning, creating and sharing beautiful moments in our garden and organic orchard. Everyday will be something new!